5 days into our journey….


So tonight we celebrated an 8th birthday party (just a bit early) but let’s talk about what happened 8 years ago today.  I didn’t post anything yesterday because well nothing really happened other than a stressed out mom and dad to be closed on our first and likely last home.  But we were discussing adoption…..so it’s December 20, 2005.

I was working at Hallmark and Joe was busy at the new house and with church stuff, with Christmas Eve only a few days away.  We knew that the birth mother was going to be having her ultrasound sometime today and we both went about our business trying hard to not stress to much about the ultrasound.  We were grateful we were able to put her and the birth father up in a hotel the night before so that she could have a shower and be clean and ready for her first prenatal care visit with this baby.  We received the call about 5 or so that she had the ultrasound and that everything looked great except the baby wasn’t due for 6 more weeks, according to size and some measurements.  No sex was determined because of the way the baby was turned.  So again the stress hit us hard — how could we keep this lady clean (as in no drugs and alcohol) , off the streets and most importantly continue prenatal care for 6 more weeks. There was no way that we could afford to do that.  But we decided that we would put them up again in the hotel they had stayed at the night before so we could talk and pray and see if we couldn’t work something out.

Here’s where another twist comes in, the night before they had stayed at a $40 a night hotel called the Masters Inn.  I took a break from Hallmark and tried to secure the hotel room for her.  Of course I threw in that we were pastors of a nearby church and that my husband was bringing a pregnant woman there and we would be paying for her room for the night.  The gentleman whom I was talking to asked where she lived and I said she didn’t have a home or an address she was homeless.  To which he quickly responded “We don’t take that type of clientele here!”.  Seriously I said, she stayed there last night and I’m paying for it with a credit card — nope he wasn’t moving.

All of this conversation went on without my husband knowing it and he took her there and tried to get her a room, to which the man said “look I’ve already talked to your wife and I am NOT renting her a room.”  Well my husband was not impressed.  And I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of clientele they served anyways at $40 a night.

So off Joe and the the birth mother secured another hotel across the way……but really The Masters Inn would not take a homeless, pregnant lady the week of Christmas – talk about no room at the inn!

Joe and I were supposed to have a conversation and pray about this right, remember I said that.  Well we were both so torn we didn’t have words to express what emotions where running through us.  We didn’t know Atlanta well enough yet to figure out ministries that might be able to help her and us.  Joe was exhausted because he and been at the house with a handyman hanging blinds and lights all day.  I was exhausted because I still had Christmas stuff to do, had to work at Hallmark, had to get some stuff together for church, and did I forget to mention I still had a lot of packing to do for moving day which was scheduled for the 27th.  I finally went to bed with a couple tynenol PM’s in me and cried myself to sleep, next to a snoring husband — the last time I looked at the clock it was 2:00 am.

To be continued……


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