Snow Opportunities


I think it’s kinda awesome that the past few days have been brought to a halt because of an incredible amount of snow. Or at least an incredible amount of snow for North Carolina. It sort of makes me in the mood to watch the Winter Olympics and to knit.

Knitting is one of the times that I feel closest to God and feel most present in this world. The rhythm of knitting keeps me grounded in the here and now. Certainly there are times when I find myself knitting and praying for someone but it doesn’t feel forced, it feels natural and it feels like it who I’m supposed to be holding close to the love and light of an awesome God.

During the Olympics knitters on Raverly often have knitting games that provide some fun, challenging activities for our hands as we do what so many others are doing – watching the olympics. The group I’m most active in on Ravelry has created our own Fiber Games and therefore I have 2 major projects on needles with the hope of at least hitting the finish line before the end of the closing ceremonies.

I’ve decided to knit 5 hearts for synod – one in each of the olympic colors. I have 4 knit just the black one to go and then the felting process. I guess I’ve left black till last because it doesn’t seem right to knit a black heart but I’ve got some thoughts on how to embellish it so that it looks attractive and fun like the other more colorful ones.

The second project that I switch between is a chevron cowl for myself. I knit one for Joe’s sister for Christmas and really loved it and so thought that it was a project that i would get a lot of use out of for myself and decided to go for it. It’s made out of Gina yarn made by the Plymouth Yarn Company. It’s self striping and the colors make a bold statement together. It’s also an affordable yarn at just a little over $6 a skein and usually you only need 2. On that project I’ve finished the first skein and am into the second. So I’m hopeful that I will get done before the closing. It’s blown my mind away how fast some folks can knit.

In addition to knitting, watching the olympics and watching it snow I’ve done some reading for personal enrichment and for church stuff. The book that has certainly got me thinking is Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward. I will try to write a review or some thoughts on it when I’m finally finished with it and have processed it enough. If your looking for something to take you deeper into your relationship with God, I highly recommend this book.

So snow is good for reading, knitting, watching the olympics, getting caught up on some work and just plain being!



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