Ready or Not


You remember the childhood game of hide and seek when the seeker yells “ready or not, here I come”!  I kinda feel like that tonight as I lie in bed listening to the sounds of my fingers click on my keyboard and hearing the faint sounds coming from the woods that surround me here at the Blue Ridge Asembly Center in Black Mountain North Carolina.  You see what some 200 folks are going to say come 9 o’clock or so tomorrow is “ready or not we are here” and at 1:30 worship will call us to order for the Moravian Church Southern Province 2014.

Many people have given countless hours to preparing and putting into place all the details of this synod.  We’ve been meeting for months, before synod 2014 was even on most peoples minds never mind their calendars the synod planning committee began to meet and as our tasks grew and we needed advice and skills from others we drew them into the fold to help prepare for this important time in the life of the church that I love so much.  

I’ve learnt in my ministry that you can’t be prepared for everything but that God holds the church in the palm of his hands.  Everything will work out in God’s time and in a way that can only be perfectly crafted by a God who loves the church but also loves the people of the church.  

So I try to leave my worries, fears, anxietites and imperfections at the door and let the spirit of God move among us. Jesus will indeed continue to lead us into the the next 4 years and beyond!  I humbled to have been given the opportunity to serve the church by being on the planning team for this synod.  So when folks come through the door tomorrow with that “ready or not here we are”, I will greet them with a hug and say welcome brother and welcome sister.  Please join me in prayer for the Moravian Church in America Southern Province Synod of 2014.



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