Friday Five (a day late)…


So if I’m a day late does that mean I have to do Saturday Six?  Some weeks that could be super easy to do but only writing this post (and your reading it) will we know if I make it to Six.  Over at RevGalBlogPals we are challeged to think about Spring the Friday Five author writes this:

Woohoooo! I wore sandals this week and my toes didn’t go numb!! That’s how I know winter is really over. For this week’s Friday Five, tell us 5 things that let you know “Spring is here!!” In your part of the world.

I’ll pop by to visit your blogs later. Be sure to leave a link in the comments.

1.  The Easter Bunny appears:  

2.  The sound of sniffles from people all around are a sure way to tell Allergy Season has begun.  If you have no one around you talking about allergies I bet someone has been known to post it on Facebook about how horrible the pollen count is today.  (Allergies are real and by no means am I trying to belittle their annoyance on ones life – just stating that with spring often comes allergies).

3.  Speaking of Pollen — my new Kale Green Kia Soul looks a little yucky this week.

4.  My dog and my boy seem to play outside every moment possible.  As soon as homework is done my littleman is outside playing away.  So the sound of basketballs and soccer balls prevail at this house, not to mention the constant desire to play gold and ride his bike.

5.  The dog woods bloom (yup I got photobombed to)


6. Indeed I have another.  It’s bubble blowing season:




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  1. Love the bubble blower. It brings back sweet memories. I love your lil Easter bunny as well. My car is streaked in yellow right now, which means that the reason I keep sneezing is evident to everyone.

    Thanks for playing! 🙂

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