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Where I Was…


Over at Revgals things have gotten a little deeper with Friday Five today.  Good questions to ponder and a great exercise for all of us.  So here goes and feel free to play along!  

I’m fortunate to be on the emailing list of a friend and business coach. Her enthusiasm for helping people strive toward achieving dreams and living authentically inspires me regularly, and even if I don’t always take advantage of the opportunities she shares, the resources she tells us about are always close at hand.

This week she told us about an app called “timehop.” It looks back at where we’ve been as a touchstone to seeing where we are now. It’s also a helpful reminder of what other people were experiencing in their lives, and can serve to encourage us to reach out and touch.

For today’s Friday Five, share with us where you were and what you were up to 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 years ago! What were your dreams—did you follow them? Who was journeying with you? Feel free to keep it light (I was on vacation at the beach with my bestie!) or reflect more deeply (a call was brewing…). Have any pictures from those moments to share? We’d love to see them!

As always, I encourage you to visit your sister RevGals to learn more about each other and show some love.

1 Year Ago

I was beginning to spiral down into a major bout of depression and burnout.  Having been in ministry for 15 years with no real break – life was tough.  We also had just made the decision to treat our littleman for ADHD, which has turned out to be the best decision we’ve made for him, next to adopting the little guy.  Life was tough yet I forged on attempting to do the best that I could do.  Now a year out I can’t help but be thankful for the decision I came to with the help of judicatory leaders and my husband to take a medical leave of absence in late fall to regain my energy for life and ministry.  Also a significant event that happened a year ago this past month is that I finally became a citizen of the United States.

3 Years Ago

I had a vibrant 5 year old and we were living in Metro Atlanta serving the most culturally diverse church we’ve served.  The cultural diversity was so awesome yet so hard as we faced the tension between the cultures on a regular basis.  My littleman was gettinggettinggetting ready to graduate from preschool and we were prayerful about receiving a call out of the metro area and back to NC – we had hoped this would happen before the big first day of kindergarten (our call however didn’t come till his very first day of Kindergarten) People traveling with me were my dear husband and co pastor, our littleman, some friends and an amazing group of knitters whom I knitted with every Friday Evening.  I don’t miss much about the metro Atlanta area but I miss my group of knitters who accepted me for me not my profession.  I was also working at Hallmark (in addition to church) and I loved my job and interactions there – yet am thankful now I can focus on being a mom, wife, pastor and child of God without another work obligation.

5 Years Ago 

 We were living in Metro Atlanta and had been at the Moravian church there for 3 years.  The honeymoon period was definitely over but we knew we were where God had called us to be — we attempted to try new things and found some of them successful and some of them not so much.  I was the mom of a 3 year old boy and I must say this was the most challenging year of parenting so far.  I’d been married to my partner in life for 12 years and couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else – he was (and still is) the love of my life and partner in this journey of ministry, parenthood, and life in general. 


10 Years Ago

The void of not having a child was real and raw.  I had experienced 6 misscarriages that we know of in a short period of time – I carried the longest to 14 weeks.  After those miscarriages I entered a new stage of the pursuit to have a baby – infertility.  We consulted with a high-risk pregnancy and infertility doctor at Duke Medical Center but no one seemed to have any answers to either of the two issues.  We were serving a call in rural North Carolina that was growing harder by the day.  There were some fabulous people who travelled this journey with us but we were praying for a call out of this small town and into someplace that would be more receptive to our style of ministry and to us as a couple in ministry.  

20 Years Ago

Wow what a different life I had planned for myself!  I was still in college study to be a music teacher and further exploring my call to ministry.  I thought I would teach for a while and then head of to Bethlehem, PA to begin my seminary education.  I was studying at the University of Lethbridge, about an hour north of the Montana border in Canada — it was about 7 hours from where I was raised in northern Alberta.  I had no plans of ever getting married or having children.  I was at that time focused solely on life as a teacher, saving money for my seminary education and then going to seminary.  I was surrounded by a wonderful group of friends and spent a good bit of time hanging out in the practice rooms in the music department or with friends.  The music department brought me both joy and deep frustration as I strived to be as good as the other trumpet players but knew in my heart I would never get there as I was passionate about playing but definitely not naturally gifted.  Nonetheless for the most part my life revolved around the music department and my part time job at Toys R Us.  I was learning to live life as a young adult independent of the grasps of parents and coming to terms with a difficult childhood that I was now free of.  

**pictures of 10 years and 20 years are sparse and couldn’t find any worth putting up.  If I find some I will certainly add them.