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A Season of Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and for several years I’ve practiced what I call a Season of Thanksgiving.  A season that goes from Canadian Thanksgiving through Americian Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for and it seems like thanksgiving just get’s lost between Halloween and Christmas.  Even when we are in the midst of our own dakness or dispair there’s something to be thankful for – for we worship a God who grants us grace and unconditional love every second of every day.  So I challenge you to join me in my thanksgiving journey.

Today I start off with a thanksgiving that just sort of fell into my lap last night because off facebook.  When we served in GA I was a member of a knitting group that meet every Friday evening to knit, crochet, (sometimes spin yarn) but always share together.  Share lifes joys and lifes sorrow.  We were an ecclectic group – I’m still not sure how to describe us other than a group of compassionate fiber loving friends.  I’m thankful for all this group of ladies did for me while I lived in GA but more specfically I’m grateful for the opportunity to reunite with them next weekend.

Every year at the agriculture center outside of Asheville there is a fiber festive that is miainly hand spun and hand dyed yarn.   Booths full of roving for spinning and felting and every tool imaginable to fiber loving people.   I’ve been a couple of times and ran into folks from my GA group but never have I stayed with them but this year that’s changing.  I’m going up Friday evening and coming back Saturday.  Im super excctied after the exhauusting weeks we’ve had arouund here it will be nice to just hang with some good friends and make some new friends.  

So today I’m thankful for fiber loving friends from GA!

Another Friday with Randomness


It’s hard to believe another Friday is here — so that mean’s it’s Friday Five time again over at Revgalblogpals.  Here’s today’s questions and ponderrings:

 Hello gals and pals,
It’s the second Friday of the month, and you know what that is~~~Random Friday Five! Have fun, and enjoy! (as always, let us know that you played in the comments–whether you play in the comments, link to your blog, or on Facebook!)

1. How do you sign off in your emails, professional and personally? For example, you say “Blessings”,
“Take Care”, “Remember, the Devil is watching you” (o.k. just kidding on that one.) Let us know and why…

2. If you were an animal TODAY, what is it and why?

3. If you get snarky, what triggers it? If you don’t get snarky, please, what is the secret?

4. Look up from your computer/tablet/phone screen. What is the first favorite thing your eyes land on. Describe it. (For example, I just did this, and my eyes landed on a little angel made out of multicolored wires whose head and wings are quite askew because of being chewed upon by my puppy. That aside, I love it because it was a gift from two little girls who came often to my office in my last call to play with all the tshotke on my table. They wanted to add to it.)

5. Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Tell us about them!


1.  Depends on the content and audience of my emails — for church stuff I almost always use Blessings, Pastor Kelly, for friends it might be blessings, might be love followed by Kelly or simply K.  I also have a signature line for my professional it has job title and contact info for my very personal account there is a knitting quote.

2.  I think my animal choice for today would be a dog because I could get lots of snuggles and yet if at a dog park — I’d be able to run free.  Both of which describe my complex being today.

3.  If I get snarky it should be worded for me — when I get snarky — mostly when I’m exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.   But it can happen easily if my fibro is flaring and I’m full of pain and someone says something without thinking.

4.  Owls — I love owls and sheep and owls tend to decorate my bedroom so I have some clings on my walls and a knitted owl on my dresser.

5.  My favorite socks are the ones I knit but my really favorite are the ones I knit for Dear Husband, littleman and I — yup we all have matching socks.  



Meet and Greet


 Monday over at revgalblog pals we were encourared to share who we were since the webring and facebook group are getting so large.  It was a great assignement and fun to read.  Sinnce all of you don’t know me I thought I’d share it with you all to.  It’s by no means my lifestory but a glimpse at who i am and where my thoughts on blogging and life in general.  So here’s what I wrote:

 “Wow such beautiful stories shared and I’m honored to have taken the time to read them and blessed by them. I’ve blogged on and off for a couple of years with maintaining the church blog to trying to keep my own up as G-free Rev or the other way around (I’m losing my mind today).

I’ve been married for 17 years to my best friend and partner in ministry and together we celebrated 16 years of ordaination. We are each 3/4 time so it makes life a bit tought at times. But we love what we do (most days) and the blessings outway the lack of monetary return.

Together we have one living child who came to us via adoption at birth – he is now 8 almost 9 and we love him to the moon and back. He’s a special littleman who is amazing for what his life was like in utero. I suffered 7 miscarriages and to be honest still at times struggle with that. We also have an unoffical adopted daughter who is 25 and is going to make us semi grandparents in December (yup I’m pretty excited). Although at barely over 40 I’ll be a young Oma.

We currently live in Winston-Salem, NC (my husbands home town) and have served a church here for almost 4 years. Previously we served in south Jersey (where I was also on staff at a hospice agency and at Child’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and where I served as volunteer chaplain for our fire department. Loved those extra roles. Then we lived in rural NC for a while and metro Atlanta for 7 years till moving here. We are both Moravians and serve the Moravian church in a variety of ways. I serve on the ELCA and Moravian Co-ordinating committee as cochair for our full communion agreement.

I love to knit and color in my spare time — which seems to be getting eaten up with busyness. I love the support of revgalsandpals and am grateful to be both a member of the facebook group and the webring. I’m trying to blog more — it’s that time thing, anyone have a magic wand to create more free time? I’m also looking forward to being on my first cruise with some of you in Feb.”