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I Can See Clearly Now….Friday Five


Over at Revgalsblogpals we are challenged today with this:   

“My husband had cataract and corrective surgery this week, and he is giddy with excitement as he experiences restored vision. Listening to his enthusiastic proclamations related to his sight made me think about our senses, and what excites us about the experiences we enjoy through them, inspiring today‚Äôs Friday Five.

Please share with us:

1.  A sight or view that brings you continual pleasure

2.  A sound that brings you joy

3.  A taste that you savor

4.   A smell that brings you comfort

5.  A tactile experience that surprised you

Be sure to share a link to your blog so we can visit you and share the love!

When I hear those words “I can see clearly now….” It takes me back to college days and when my stepfather was on trial and the trial didn’t come out as I had prayed for my safety by mostly for others.   But I cried more than I had ever cried and when the tears where dried up I felt as if I could see clearly now the rain was gone.   Or that’s what it was like for a while and I shared that with my best friend at the time.  

But back to the topic Friday Five:

1.  Sight:    Flowers, a water feature (preferably a water fall) and simple peace, allowing me to breathe!

2.  A sound:    hmm that’s a tie between the the laughter of my son and my grandson and the sound of water.

3.  Taste:    I would have to say chocolate, yummy!

4.  Smell:   A fall pumpkin candle!

5.  Tactile:   My dr during a deep depressive episode told me to go to this glorious fabric store and just touch and see the beautiful fabric.   Since then fine fabric and yarn have always had a way to soothe my sole.