From Curtain Rods to Grave Markers


Julia reminds us of today’s blogging task:  “NaBloPoMo Day 5: I had a little furnace mishap at church on Sunday. What’s something you’ve done for your work that wasn’t exactly in the job description?”

Our first call was to a relatively small church in Cinnaminson, NJ.  The church had it’s own grave yard but most everyone was certain that most of the plots had been used.  However, it wasn’t long until we found out that one of the grave plots was purchased for a long time member who was extremely inactive and who had recently died.  Well we kinda found out that the grave digger was planning to come later that afternoon and dig the grave.  We had no idea what to do — so we do what most would do and call the chair of the trustees.  He tells us that there is a map with dimensions and names for the graveyard in such and such cabinet.  Lo and behold this person did indeed have a plot.  So we pondered how we would be able to tell the grave digger where to dig.  The chair of the trustees wasn’t sure what to do either.  So me in my infinite wisdom said wait I’ll grab my sewing meaning tape and we can find something to mark off where we measure.  Joe goes to find something in the shed to use as markers and I run into the parsonage and grab my tape measure.  We meet back at the grave yard, with map of the graveyard, sewing tape measure and a couple of broken curtain rods to use as markers.  I’m sure we looked like a bunch of crazies out their in the grave yard and I’m thankful no one saw us.  However we did get that grave measured and marked and the grave digger was mighty impressed when he came.  I however, recall nothing after that — I’m not even sure if we did the service.  I was just relieved to have the graveyard stuff settled.

BTW this is also the church that had one of it’s tombstones was featured on the cover of Weird New Jersey

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