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Friday Five


I know I’ve been MIA and I’ve had good intentions but for a number of reason’s blogging has fallen by the way side.  I wish I could be more intentional about it and quite frankly wish I was a better writer – maybe someday both of those dreams will meet up and I’ll be flying!  Until that happens it will likely be the occasional blog post and maybe a blog post that is  published with far from perfected grammar.

That all being said I love most of the Friday Five’s that RevGalBlogPals’ encourage us to reflect upon.   It’s great to have a topic and have 5 points to blog on.  It gives me focus and encourages me to process and think.  So I’m grateful for those that take that responsibility on and am sorry when I don’t always get to blogging about it – I often find it Tuesday and remember I never got to those Friday Five topics.

This week this we are asked  to consider this:

“Nevertheless, she persisted.”
Those were the words that Sen. Mitch McConnell spoke to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren when she continued to read a letter written over 30 years ago by Corretta Scott King.

What happened to Sen. Warren resonates with many of us. As female pastors, we need to persist when we are cut off during conversations, patronized, or told that our ideas are trash.

What are five things you do that help you persist in the face of disappointments, discrimination, and criticism?

Wow, what  potentially loaded questions and my mind goes in every such way when I think of  all my possible responses.  I think these are the best fives things right now that help me persist in the face of disappointments, discrimination, and criticism (disclaimer: they may be different tomorrow or they may be different depending on the circumstance).

  1. The introvert in me retreats deep with in.  I try to process it all, from every angle, then I process it some more, and some more.
  2. When it comes to criticism, especially if it’s not constructive or done in love, I take it extremely personal and therefore honestly self implode while digging my heels into the ground – ready and super determined to stay the course.
  3. I can’t believe it’s already number 3 and I haven’t mentioned my strong desire to inhale chocolate.  There has to be some serious healing factors in that stuff, I know they are always studies coming out about it but seriously they should do one on the effects chocolate has on decreasing the stress level of clergy (especially females ones).
  4. I unload on my counselor who I at least see weekly if not more.  An amazing gift she is to me and ultimately to the pastoral settings I find myself in.  She deserves some sort of medal for having to deal with some of the things I find myself sharing with her.  For me, it frees me to be more persistent in the face of disappointments, discrimination (especially sexism) and criticism.
  5. Once all of those things have been done I might be ready to face the world and attempt to find friends, colleagues, folks with the same passion that can come together and somehow persist through an issue together.  With the hopeful end result of finding some release from disappointments, helps end the stigma and pain that comes from discrimination and insight and honest feedback from criticism.  Hopefully, leading to a path of change.
  6. Okay so once again I’m stretching the concept of Friday Five and that’s to say Chocolate helps keep me grounded (did I mention that?) and so does doing something with my hands – knitting, sewing, coloring, playing with Crazy Aaron’s Amazing Silly Putty or something like that.

After these things I maybe am able to persist more pastorally, lovingly, compassionately and persistently.

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