Carolina Blue?


Let’s make it clear, right now, right here, right up front – yes, I do live in Carolina but nothing in me carry’s Carolina Blue. While that may get me in trouble with some of my friends, I know it makes my husband extremely proud. You see there is a joke in my house that my husband had to marry someone one from another country (I’m from Canada) so that I wouldn’t have any allegiance to any school. You see to be apart of this family your blood has to run black and gold. In our family blue also means the following: Blue is for Brody, my second born grandchild. Colors have been assigned out of fun and sometimes necessity – toddlers right? It is also our 12 year old’s favorite color

All that being said, I must admit that the sky’s are often Carolina blue and when they are they are beautiful and little can match that beauty. Except maybe the beautiful sunrise or sunsets that turn that carolina blue sky into shades of pink, orange, red and sometimes hints of purple. The sky is the stunning, majestic, and artistic creation of an ever loving God. As I look up from writing this I see the weather report and am reminded that God also created the seas and for the most part they are blue also, with some white cap waves mixed in – or at least if you look at that fascinating and at times forceful creation in North Carolina.

The word Blue can also be used to describe someone who is depressed or downtrodden. I would venture to say that for someone to be truly depressed it goes far beyond being blue. Being blue to me, is a real feeling for sure and one that needs to be watched and cared for, but it’s more temporary. I’m not an expert but I will risk saying that when one feels “blue” one doesn’t need long term medication but could likely benefit from some therapy, at least for a couple of months. Certainly, being blue can turn to major depressive disorders and therefore need to be monitored. However, to just say “I’m feeling blue today” usually indicates, I”m having a bad day and will get over it within in few hours, or few days. I take mental health issues very seriously and I can’t emphasize it enough if this “blue” feeling persists, get help.

*** Disclaimer, I’m no expert in mental health, just passionate about it, so this is not medical advice, just personal opinion.

Disclaimer # 2, I know blue is just a strange topic to write about but it’s a blogging challenge. A word a day to blog about, random thoughts today and we will see how long I can actually make it through the challenge.

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