Favorite Places


Favorite places for me are places that I have enjoyed the gifts that God has blessed my life with and/or places that I am reminded of the artistry of the creation of God. I’ve got plenty of favorite places that meet those criteria, however, as to not bore you I’ve limited my list to three. I had wanted to include pictures but there was one I couldn’t find pictures taken by me, so I decided to omit them all together. If I go back and find some from all of them, I’ll edit the entry and include them. So now onto my three favorite places (in no particular order):

1. Niagara Falls: this fits both of my criteria for favorite places. The times I have spent here I’ve spent with the love of my life. They also remind me of the beauty and majesty of the creation of my God. These 3 falls are beyond breath-taking for me. I love water falls, the look of them and the sound of them, but these falls are simply spectacular. One time we were up for my Aunts funeral and once we reached the Ontario and New York border, where the falls are, the blizzard was so bad we couldn’t travel on safely. We got a falls room view for a super fantastic price for two nights that we just couldn’t pass it up. The beauty was even evident at night as the snow fell and the lights behind the falls changed. I could hardly sleep, I was so awestruck. Thee next day as cold as it was we ventured out to the observation decks and again marveled at their massiveness. Now let me tell you – the Canadian side is the best side to see the full beauty of thee falls (and that’s not because I’m Canadian – my USA husband agrees). One of my favorite places.

2. The Atlanta Zoo: the place I first introduced my littleman to many of the animals of the world. I think his favorite were the elephants because one of them was named Kelly, he thought that was so funny that one was named after me. We even saw them paint a couple of times. But really he loved all the animals. We never tired of the zoo and quickly become members, partly because we loved it and partly because it was affordable entertainment in a city where things were so expensive. We also took almost anyone we knew with us – friend’s from littleman’s preschool, mom and dad, Aunt E, Uncle B and our Nephew, Lauren, Katie and other visitors. One of my all time favorite pictures is of littleman sitting up against the glass in the panda exhibit and a panda sitting with his back meeting littleman’s back, with just the glass separating them. God has created some amazing animals and Zoo Atlanta has some great staff who care for them. Another favorite place.

3. Laurel Ridge (the Moravian Church Camp in North Carolina): the last of my favorite places I’ll share with you. First of all, it’s the place where I began to “officially” date my husband – the place he first held my hand. Something I hope I’ll never forget, a precious memory indeed. It’s also a place set aside to encourage others to encounter God, in whatever way God speaks to them. Through nature, through relationships, through speaking or through singing (to name a few). The Mountain View’s, the sunrises and the sunsets are beyond what words can describe – you’ve just got to see it all to believe it. Again, God’s fabulous, majestic creation. Another special thing is that I’ve spent time with so many people I love up there, from family to members off the Moravian Church at large. I’ve lead programs, worship, devotions, served communion and had sacred conversations. This also happens to be one of my husband’s and my littleman’s favorite places – littleman always tells me “he feels closet to God up there.” What can a mom say to that? Laurel Ridge means something different to most everyone but the one thing is that they are always free to be drawn closer and embraced by an amazing God. Another off my favorite places.

Just a few of my favorite places – one day I hope to share pictures – because words simply do not do justice to these places which draw me closer to my creator, my Lord and my God. What are your favorite places?

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