Cars, Cars, Cars


There is no doubt about it you look around the United States, at least, and you see cars everywhere. We live in a privileged nation where families often own more than one car and cars for the most part are far from being inexpensive. There’s also no doubt that cars can cause our nation great pollution problem, especially in large cities – Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the list could go on. Are we treating our environment with care as we are called to do in scripture – likely not. Yet drive on we do. I’ll say I’m as guilty as the next person – with hardly a second thought I jump in the car and head off to run an errand and then run out to do another etc.

I have two favorite memories of cars. One is not long after we bought our faithful Kia Optima (our first second car in all of our dating and married life – about 12 years), I was at the dealership and saw a Kia Soul. I was greatly humored. Thinking every Pastor ought to have a Soul. I’m not sure anyone thought it was as funny as I did. But I also loved the car. Coming up from the Atlanta area for a call meeting with a church we rented a car and it happened to a Kia Soul – to say I was thrilled was not adequate – I was ecstatic. Joe feel in love the car/small SUV also. So guess what we bought when we needed a replacement for our very faithful Hyundai Sante Fe – yup a Kia Soul. I was so excited my facebook status was “this pastor has a soul”, again I don’t think many thought it as humorous as me. That was ok, I can humor myself and be fine with it. We both love our soul to this day!

My second memory of cars was when I was writing a Bible Study Book on the Biblical Book of Ruth (let’s not talk about that, it was hard to do). Littleman was actually little then and totally into the Car’s movie and into playing with cars – like many kids are at his age, at the time. It seemed like whenever, I would sit down to do research or write for this book for the Women’s Fellowship in the Moravian Church in America, he would want me to play cars with him. To which I would have loved to have been doing but I would have to say ” sorry Littleman, Mommy’s got to work on her book”. I felt so bad and yet I knew a deadline was looming. I hope he does not remember the amount of times I turned him down to play cars! I did end my preface to the booklet saying, “Yes, Littleman Mommy can now play cars.” Play cars we did.

With all this in mind we are reminded that cars can be used for both good and bad. As we drive cars we need to be mindful of the stewardship of the earth – no I’m not saying don’t drive them, just be mindful. Actually, be thankful we live in a nation where we can for the most part freely drive them. Also, we can smile and think of the amount of children (both boys and girls) who have enjoyed pushing cars around with their little hands making “vroom vroom sounds”. The joy of children playing – a gift of God.

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