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Gratitude Day 2


June 28, 1998 and May 16, 2004 are dates of great importance to me.  No they are not the day that Joe proposed to me and the day we got married – that would have made for a LONG engagement.

FullSizeRenderOn the first of these days I was ordained a deacon in the Moravian Church.  A day filled with joy as I officially entered into ministry that I had long since been called to.  Normally an ordination service, in the Moravian Church, happens in the afternoon so that all the local pastors can be there to celebrate with the soon to be ordained.  However, because of circumstances at the church my service was unique and was held during morning worship on June 28, 1998 by the Rev. Percy Henkleman.  As the ordinand is presented to the bishop for ordination 3 people accompany them, a member of the Provincial Elder’s Conference (the Moravian Church’s governing body), a member of the laity and a member of the clergy.  At one point, I believed that my husband, ordained just 2 weeks before, would be the clergy walking me to the alter, until one of my former pastors Rev. Steve Ghodes arrived and surprised me.  To say joy filled my heart was an understatement (I wanted Joe to be my husband and not playing duel roles, not to mention what a surprise I had just been given).  I’m forever grateful for the ministry to which I have been called.

Joe and I would go on to serve our first congregation together as co-pastors in at Palmyra Moravian Church, in Cinnaminson, NJ.  That’s part two of my gratitude.  They allowed us to learn and grow.   They accepted our short comings and rejoiced at our successes.  We were truly blessed to serve as their pastors.  When it was time for us to bid our goodbyes may tears were shed because of the work that God had allowed us to do together.  Yet, onward we had to go.

It was during our time serving at Mayodan Moravian Church (whe

re the Mayo River meets the Dan River) that we were consecrated presbyters in the Moravian church onMay 16, 2004 by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Wayne Burkette.  Perhaps the first and

FullSizeRender 2

so far only consecration of a couple in the Southern Province of the Moravian Church.   This consecration service was an a
ffirmation of our ministry

in the Moravian Church and our opportunity to reaffirm our call to continued ordained ministry within the life of the church.  Joe and I remain grateful for this day and those who celebrated it with us.

Life in ministry has had it’s up’s and down’s – as with anything.  I can’t imagine doing anything but ministry.  Even though at this time, I’m not officially serving serving under call, at times, I feel as though I’m serving more under call than ever.  As I participate and chair a couple of committee’s, I preach at different church’s – both ELCA and Moravian – almost every Sunday, I teach Sunday School, and my list could go on.  As a very wise pastor recently told me: ” God has called you; God will lead you; God will open new ways to serve.”

NaBloPoMo Day 4


“Photo post time!! Take a picture of something you see all the time- the simpler, the better. Write a little about what the thing means, symbolizes, reminds you of… Give us a little glimpse into your world.”


I realize it’s not the clearest picture but it’s the best I could do with the time of day and the darkness of my chestnut paneled office*.  So what you see is what I see when I look up from my desk.  I have an old roll top desk that is passed down to the oldest in the family on my husbands side, so we inherited it when we moved to NC — all I can say is good thing I have a laptop and not a computer with a big screen because life would be hard to manage with this desk.  One thing I wish about the desk is that the roll top actually closed – I’m sure I could get it fixed however that is down the list on the money to do list.

Anyhow, what you see to the left of the picture is some light in tulle that have become my curtains/valences on all three of windows — helping bring a little bit more light to this dark office.  On my desk are significant pictures:  a wedding picture, a picture of our consecration as Presbyters**(Joe and I together kneeling and the bishop laying hands on us), a similar picture of my ordination as a deacon (just me with the Late Rt. Rev. Percy Henkleman officiating (he was a beloved Canadian bishop).  Then there is a magnet board that has a picture of my little man when he was really little sitting on his daddies lap reading my small purse bible, a magnet poem about how to love a child, a picture of me from my knitting days at the Tea House with my GA knitting group, and another magnet with who our God is.  Also include are a plate from the holy land brought back by a dear friend, a teddy bear that says Jesus Loves you, and what you can’t see are wooden signs stacked upon each other that say (top to bottom) I love My Dog, I love Palmyra, and I love Cinnaminson (the towns we served in during our first call).  Also above those is a Boyd’s bear porcelain doll with a fire hat holding a dalmatian, and a fire truck (reminders of my time as chaplain to the Palmyra Fire Department.  Above that stuff is a oil drip pan (an idea off Pinterest and supper cheap at Auto Zone) with quotes that inspire me in ministry and life.  Few people come into my office because it’s in the parsonage so it has all sorts of quotes with some room for more.

I’m not sure that make much sense to anyone but me but things in my office are finally coming together after being here 4 years.  It’s starting to become a space I love and am proud to call my office.  There’s still a bit of work to be done since the dump from the guest room as the ceiling collapsed in there.  But I’m getting there and both are far more organized than just wanting things to be out of boxes.

I hope that gives you a glimpse of my daily life and i look forward to seeing what you see each day.

* Double click on the picture and it becomes a bit clearer

** In the Moravian Church there are three orders of ministry.  Once finished seminary and have received a call you are ordained a deacon, then about 5-7 years into ministry the church and you re-affirm your call to ordained ministry, you are ordained a Presbyter (sadly no more money, no special privileges, except the one I’m about to mention). The third order of ministry is Bishop this is done by ecclesiastical ballot and only Presbyters are allowed to be placed on ballots.  Bishops are elected at Church Synod (held every 4 years) and only if a resolution passes the floor and deemed necessary.  So basically being a bishop is something that not many achieve.  A Bishop in the Moravian Church’s primary function is to be a pastor to the pastors, along with some advising on theological issues, and often presiding at communion when we gather together as clergy.  Again it comes with no raise and only give you more work.  It takes a bishop to ordain and to consecrate anyone.