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A Few of My Favorite things….


Over at RevGals the Friday Five is up.  What is your favorite:

1. food

2. drink

3. animal

4. color

5. time of day

Bonus: Any favorite you haven’t mentioned above that you want to bring up! 

1.  Food:  Ice cream and Nice bars

2.  Drink:  Coke or milk

3.  Animal:   Owl, sheep, turtles but to own a dog!

4.  Color: Pink

5.  Time of Day:  nap time 



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Friday Five: Dogs or Cats or What?

my experience in the United States, people are either “Dog People” or “Cat People.” As the graph above illustrates, not everyone is limited to those types of animals. So I am wondering about pets and experiences with them.

1. Are you a DOG or a CAT person? Or OTHER?
 I’m defiantly a dog person.
2. Who were the pets of your childhood and what were they like?
I only remember having one dog.  And sadly we didn’t have him for long.
3. What pets do you have now?
Currently residing in our home we have 2 Goldfish and 1 dog.
4. Have you ever had any unusual pets in your household or visit your home?
 Hmm, can’t say I’ve ever had any unusual pets in my home but I had a church member in one church that we served that had an alligator named Bill.  
5. What have you learned from your pets? Give one recent example, if possible.
What seems like unconditional love.  Our last dog was an awesome companion on days when I was bed ridden.  He would curl right up next to me and bed and lay there happy as can be until I decided to stir.  I’m sure in time our current dog will also be a good nap-time dog.  He’s just got a little bit to much puppy still in him.  
In the almost 16 years of marriage we’ve had 3 dogs and all have taken on names of important historical Moravians.  First came, David Nitschmann (we called him David) a Jack Russell who had some genetic joint issues and suffered from severe separation anxiety.   Then came Leonard Dober (we called him Dober) a mixed breed that we rescued from a shelter in Maryland.  He was the constant companion of mine and sadly he died less than a month after we moved back to NC.  Now Jan Amos Comenius (we call him Amos) fills our home with love and joy.  He is also a shelter rescue and has become best friends with our Littleman.  
BONUS: Pictures or anything else related to animals you love.
We knew that once Dober died we wouldn’t be without a dog for long, as our Littleman LOVES animals.  When he was about 4 he asked us how to write “I Take Care of Pets.”  We told him, not thinking much of it until we heard him at the patio door, where he had taken the sign and placed it in the backyard.  He was convinced that the neighborhood cats that were often running through the yard would see the sign and come into our house.  It’s one of my favorite things to do is sit in the house and watch the two of them playing together in the back yard.  There’s a lot of truth in the saying “A Boy and His Dog”!
So below are a few pictures of Dober and Amos….Sadly the pictures we have of David were prior to digital cameras so I’ll have to dig one of those out sometime.
This is Littleman And Dober.
 Leonard “Dober”
Top Dog IMG_3373
John Amos Comenius
    Sleepy Boys

Over at RevGalBlogPals it’s time to playFriday Five: Dogs