Nothing is Impossible?


I pose that as a question because I often wonder about it. Christians tend to say “Nothing is impossible with God.” While I want to believe that I can’t help but doubt it at the same time, call me doubting Thomas, call me of “ye of little faith”, call me what ever you want. Let me explain:

I do believe that God can do anything however God gave human’s free will when God gave them the ability to choose to eat from the fruit from the tree of knowledge or not. They choose to, and I’m not about to get into a debate about whose fault that was. Therefore, God, also to some degree, I believe choose to not always intervene when one makes decisions, good or bad.

For example people have attempted to jump of massive bridges and the Niagara Falls, some have lived and some haven’t. If we truly and whole heartedly believe nothing is impossible with God why did God not save them all? What about that child who has studied and studied and yet still fails that test, he/she has done their part but where was that God that nothing is impossible with? The list could go on.

I lived in a truly dysfunctional home and for 24 years I prayed for things to stop, yet they didn’t does that mean I didn’t pray hard enough, God was to busy to hear my cry’s for help, that I deserved that pain, or that my “possible” time would come when I was 24. I sincerely doubt that. Do I have an answer to that – no. Do I wish I had an answer to that – yes. The only answer I can come up with is that I lived with some people that made really really bad choices and I was surrounded by countless others who couldn’t or didn’t want to see what was happening. Does that mean God didn’t see it – no. God did and for some reason God saw me through and I somehow saw God through it.  As the psalmist says: “But my eyes look to you, Lord, my Lord. I seek refuge in you; do not let me die.” Psalm141:8 (CEB). That’s that impossible in this story, I didn’t die when maybe I should have. Instead I’ve emerged a stronger person, still struggling some days, other days advocating for others.

It’s hard to explain why some folks thrive under difficult circumstances and others don’t. I guess what I’m saying is that there are indeed sometimes when things are impossible – impossible to hold on any longer, impossible to muster the courage one more time, impossible to fake that smile another time, some things are just impossible. Yet can God work with things that are impossible and what one day seemed far from possible, God can and God does work the unimaginable .

A couple of quotes to lift those struggling: “It’s going to be hard but hard isn’t always impossible”. Unknown. “The impossible only takes a little bit LONGER to Achieve”, And the best yet: “Stay Hopeful” Unknown. Hopeful till “One day you will say “I did it!” (Or We did it with God’s help”)

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